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The Greatest Hits of the 70's and 80's are back on the radio in Western Montana!

The MUSIC you grew up with...............


A Missoula radio broacaster for over 30 years. Chad spends a lot of his time away from the office fly fishing the streams in Western Montana and Northern Idaho, as well as participating in numerous car show events and fundraisers with Garden City Rods and Customs car club.

Chad Parrish

Chad's first ride

1957 Chevy Belair 283, three on the tree

Pamela's first ride

1966 Dodge Dart GT

Engine was leaning Tower of Power. To keep it running I would have to keep one foot on the gas and the other on the break at stop lights.

Pamela Dunn Parrish

Pamela runs the office at The Ride.  Pamela is a certified, award winning, and published photographer.

Check out her photos for The Ride on the Photo Gallery tab and at her website:

Phil Scott

Former Seattle are announcer with many years behind the microphone. Phil Scott host the morning show and now calls Montana home.

Phil's first car

1971 Audi Fox. Bought in 1979 for $500. "It leaked transmission fluid, so every 50 miles it would stop shifting from 1st to 2nd.  I would have to pull over and fill it back up.  But, hey I paid cash!"


Scott has been in broadcasting for over 30 years.  Scott spends his free time announcing P.R.C.A. Rodeos across the country as well as working "The Real Ranch" in Arlee, raising beef cattle and American Quarter Horses.

Scott Richards

Scott's first ride

1968 AMC Rambler with an 8 track player ,he's proud of that feature.


Tara has over 23 years experience in advertising and marketing.  She loves working with her clients to help their business grow.  She also loves her hobby - raising AKC Australian cattle dogs (Blue Heelers) on her ranch near Arlee.

Tara Sheridan

Tara's first ride

1980 Mercury Zephyr

"Baby poop Brown" as she calls it

Sharon's 1985 Camaro 5.ol V8


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